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Be a champion for Arizona teachers!

When you commit your support you agree to:


  • Be informed about policies and other decisions that impact teachers.
  • Advocate for teachers with family, friends, colleagues and elected leaders.
  • Vote in every election and make education a top priority.
  • Donate your time and resources to help teachers and schools in your neighborhood.
  • Demonstrate through your words and actions that you value and respect teachers for their contributions to students, families and the community.

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Support Teachers in Your Community

  • Thank the teachers you know for the work they do. Let them know you appreciate and value their contributions.
  • Ask your child’s teacher or the school in your neighborhood how you can donate needed supplies or volunteer your time.
  • Help fund worthy classroom projects through programs like Donors Choose. www.donorschoose.org
  • Contribute to TVT’s annual Tucson Supplies Teachers drive, which collects funds to help teachers with supplies they need for their students and classrooms. Donate here.
  • Advocate for programs and policies that support teachers, students, and a broad vision for education. Learn more and take action through our partners at Expect More Arizona www.expectmorearizona.org/takeaction/.

Businesses Can Support Teachers Too!

More than 100 Arizona businesses have demonstrated their support for teachers by participating in TVT programs. They understand the critical role teachers play in developing the future workforce and contributing to a strong community. Your company can join our efforts by participating in one of TVT’s partnership programs. Read more

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